Super Granny Winter Wonderland

Super Granny Winter Wonderland

Help Super Granny to save their precious little kitties from the wonderland
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Super Granny, as its name indicates, is the story of a super power grandma who has to save her cats. The cats are spread all over the land. You, as a player, have to help her succeed in all kind of adventures, climbing, digging, and floating to reach their beloved creatures.
You can control Super Granny moving her around by using the arrow keys (up, down, left and right). The spacebar is used to have her dig. You have to pick up power-ups along the way by walking through them, these power-ups last a short time. In order to collect the kitties you have to walk to them. Once you find them, they will follow you as you guide them to the cat door, which is present in every level. Once all of the cats are collected, an exit flower will grow. You have to walk Super Granny through it to exit the level.
Granny's a natural gardener. Little flowers will grow in some places where she walks. The more flowers you grow, the more points you get. When she collects all of the little flowers, an arrow points you to where the super bonus flower grows. Take Super Granny there to grow the super bonus flower. Super Granny really doesn't like doggies. They chase and attack her. They can only see her if she is on the same horizontal plane as them. The Granny can dig holes to trap them and can also use her purse to defend herself... if she’s carrying it at the time.
There are pesky little gnomes. They can chase the Granny for hours. She can dig holes to trap them or use her purse to defend herself, just like with doggies. The rabid tomatoes like to eat Gnomes, in fact are their favorite food. When Granny waters it and it grows it will eat any gnome that passes by. But it won't hurt Granny or her cats. Super Granny can use the watering can to water vines and gnome traps. Vines help her get to places where no ladder reaches.
The key can be used to unlock a lock. The umbrella power-up helps Super Granny control her fall as it were a parachute. Use the arrow keys to control where she is falling mid-flight. The purse power-up helps the Granny defend herself against gnomes and dogs. Use it by hitting the space bar instead of digging. Take into account that is not possible to use the purse and dig at the same time.
The main menu presents the following options:
• Play Arcade Mode: Play through all 100 levels of Granny with your five lives.
• Play Tournament Mode: Play as far as you can with one life and post your score online.
• Options: Shows the options menu.
• Help: Launches the help pages.
• Unlock Now: Opens up a dialogue box where you may purchase the fully unlocked game.
• Quit: Quits the game.
Regarding system requirements, here’s a list for you to check out and see if your system meets them. Super Granny requires:
• Windows® 2000 / XP and above
• Pentium III, 800 MHz or better
• 256 MB System RAM
• Internet Explorer 5.5 and above or AOL 8.0 / 9.0
• DirectX 7.0 or above
• Keyboard & mouse required

Lionel Mira
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  • Easy to learn how to play and intuitive interface
  • Affordable price
  • Nice interface


  • It’s available only in English
  • It’s not a multiplayer game
  • Use on network is not supported
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